TAC Masters Update 24th June 2019

SCVAC Ashford

A warm humid night at Ashford saw both our Men's and Women's teams make a significant step towards getting their hands on the SCVAC Kent Vets League trophies.

The Women's team started with two wins in the W35 400m with Nina Ridge and Lisa Knight.  Nichola Buckwell stepped down to the W50 age group for a close second place.  Liz weeks was dominant in the W35 3k as she won by over 30 seconds in 10.55.   Sasha Humphries left her High Jump competition to race the 3k B string and found herself in a battle for first, showing great determination as she put in a burst over the last 400m to take the win.   She then returned to win the High jump!   Lucy P-K put in a determined effort in the W50 race but a recent period of injury prevented her hanging on to the leader as she was 2nd.    Sue James was then 1st in the W60 where significantly Dartford did not have a runner. 

In the field we were swapping places with Dartford as Nina Ridge and Nichola Buckwell were busy.  Sally Vine was back in the A team for 3rd in the Hammer and Helen Bond did a great 1.15m in the W50 high jump despite not having done it since school days!! Great potential.

The Men's team started with Steve Tester winning over his favourite 400m distance.   Mark McAllister (100m & 200m specialist) stood in for the injured Simon Fraser and had a good 300m before "fading" to third.   Ian Crawley 60.2 kept his pace all the way to the line in the M50 400m as he strives to beat the Club record set by Brian Buckwell 60.1.   He plans to time the video carefully as colleague Andy Howey initially recorded it as 59.9.

The M 35 3000m was won in an impressive 9.18 and despite 9.34 Dan Madams was 4th with Ben Reynolds second B string.    Andy Howey M50 came up against the inform Richard Tomlinson from Medway fresh from his National Masters 5k win and with a leg in the 4 x 400m relay to come settled for consolidating 2nd place.     Alan Buckle 11.11 in his first M60 race, tracked the leader for 2700m before becoming Victim to the sprint finish of the Dartford runner. 

Meanwhile in the field Graeme Charters was making his debut in the M60 Hammer with an impressive 16.52m for 3rd place.  Dan Crush also showed great improvement after recent coaching and a new pair of shoes to post a new PB in the M35 Hammer 19.06, 4th place. 

Ian Crawley M35  and Pete Ebbage M50  both won their Pole Vault competitions.   Pete added second in the M50 Hammer as he stepped up in weights and Ian a 3rd in the M50 TJ.  

The 4 x 400m  relay was a close affair after Adam Roeder brought the team in first at the end of the first leg, Mark McAllister and Andy Howey sent Steve Tester off in a narrow lead he would not relinquish.

The Womens B team unusually had a few gaps, but were a close 3rd only 4 points behind Bromley Vets, with whom they are now tied in second place with the last meeting to come.    Highlights were Angie Crush in the 400m, winning B string in 77.2 and Deniz Bowart 2nd and 3rd places in the TJ and Hammer neither of which she had competed in before.

LAST MEETING at Erith Friday 19th July.

Barring a disaster we should secure the league titles and have a fantastic group photo, the more the merrier!   Trophies will be presented on the night.

The Women's B team can secure second place in Div 2 with a good turn out at Erith. 

Both Men's and Women's teams will be at the area finals on 1st September at Ashford.  We will need as many as possible to be available to spread the load as all events will be taking place.  



Harbour Wallbanger 7km

This is one of Liz Week's favourite races which is an unusual course that is a 7 kilometre race along the beach from Broadstairs Harbour (Viking Bay) to the wall at the far end of Ramsgate Main Sands and back.   This year M60 winner Alan Newman said underfoot conditions were quite tricky!   It will continue as one of Liz's favourite races as she came away with the 1st Lady and 1st W35 prizes.  Sue James won the W60 category.  Here is a taste of what it is all about!


Parkrun TAC Vets Age Graded Championships

Don't forget that you have until the end of July to post your best Tonbridge Parkrun age graded percentage to win the Trophy.   At present Julian Rendall is just ahead of Alan Buckle  

08/06             Julian Rendall                  17.30             M40 – 78.57%
15/06             Alan Buckle                      20.26             M60 – 78.47%
15/06             Simon Fraser                   18.03             M40 – 77.38%
01/06             Nina Ridge                       20.40             W45 – 76.85% – PB
15/06             Tony Fullbrook                  20.47             M50 – 73.30%
01/06             Nick Arnott                        19.48             M45 – 72.73%
01/06             John Ridge                       20.00             M45 – 72.00%
01/06             Anthony Crush                  20.13             M45 – 70.16%
15/06             Mark Schofield                  22.03             M50 – 69.69%
15/06             Adam Roeder                   19.15             M35 – 69.35%
15/06             Kean Anderson                 21.50             M45 – 65.95%
01/06             Nichola Evans                   23.11             W35 – 64.70%
15/06             Sarah Schofield                28.36             W50 – 61.66%
15/06             Helen Cohen                     27.36             W50 – 61.47%
15/06             Krista Bradford                  27.22             W50 – 61.27%
15/06             Maurice Marchant             28.55             M70 – 60.98%
15/06             Angie Crush                      26.52             W40 – 58.13%
01/06             James Beeston                 29.08             M45 – 49.83%
01/06             Holly Howden                   34.10             W35 – 43.76